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Dog Portrait

The Darling Dogs Photo Competition is back!

This Summer, we're bringing back the Darling Dogs Photo competition. The previous competition, back in 2021, was a huge success and it was great to see our customers in action in both our Paddock and Parkour Arena.

This year, the competition will be free to enter. It will take about 2 minutes to submit your photos and EVERY entrant will receive a prize!

1st Place - 6 free visits to either the Paddock or Parkour Arena + 200 HOTDOG points (Members Only Reward)

2nd Place - 4 free visits to either the Paddock or Parkour Arena + 100 HOTDOG points (Members Only Reward)

3rd Place- 2 free visits to either the Paddock or Parkour Arena + 50 HOTDOG points (Members Only Reward)



Taking the Photos

Zoomies in the Paddock! Testing their agility in the Parkour Arena. Group shot with play pals... Grab your camera because we'd love to see pictures of your dogs enjoying themselves in one of our secure enclosed spaces.

It would be great to hear about children also getting involved with the photography side of things too!


Submit Your Photos

You can submit up to 3 photos using the submission form below. We'll also take a few details so that we can keep in touch throughout the competition. But don't worry, none of your details will be made public on our social media unless you disclose that you're happy for us to use your first name ONLY.



Enjoy your Reward!

EVERY entrant will receive a £5 off coupon to use with either a Paddock or Parkour Arena visit. That's right, £5 just for entering!

NB. Please note that the £5 coupon will not work in conjunction with our Saver Vouchers.


Sit Back & Follow the results

Once you've made your submission and used your £5 off coupon, be sure to follow us on social media because that's where we'll announce the finalists and conduct the voting.


Competition FAQs, Rules and Regulations

When will the competition take place?

The Photo competition starts 2nd June 2024 entries close 10th August 2024.

The nine finalists will be announced 11th August 2024.

Voting will commence 11th August 2024 and close 14th September 2024.

Winners will be announced 15th September 2024.

Can I use photos that I've taken in the past?

Of course. The only 'rule', so to speak of, is that the picture must have been taken in either our Parkour Arena or Paddock.

Who chooses the 9 finalists?

The Darling Dogs team will choose the 9 finalists and they will go through to the voting.

Who can vote and how will that work?

The voting will take place on our various social media platforms in the 'comments' sections. This can help ensure full transparency. This will also enable friends and family to vote. You can signpost everyone you know to go and vote by sharing our posts on your own social media.

How does the £5 off coupon work?

As soon as you've pressed the submit button on the contact form, you'll be redirected to a page with your coupon code. Make a note of this code. When you then make a booking, either at the Paddock or Parkour Arena, be sure to enter this code in the 'PROMO CODE' section at the checkout screen. The £5 should then automatically be deducted.

Darling Dogs Photo Competition Form

Please complete the form and add your photos to enter the competition.

Upload Photo #1
Upload Photo #2
Upload Photo #3

This form no longer accepts submissions.

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