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Becoming a Member

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Why bother becoming a member?

  • Access to discounts and promotions before regular customers

  • Earn Hotdog points with our Loyalty Program for money-off vouchers

  • Amend and reschedule bookings in your time without having to get in contact with us

  • Speed up the booking process. Members can save card details for faster CHECKOUT

  • Easily check your bookings

Will I get inundated with SPAM and countless advertising emails?

No is the short answer. The majority of our announcements our made via social media. The only time we notify our members about things is when it is to their benefit. Within a calendar year you'd be able to count the amount of member emails we send out on one hand.

Do I need to share loads of personal details?

All you have to share are the details you currently have to submit when you make a booking anyway. Simple as that. No more, no less.

How do I become a member?

If you look at the top of the screen on either your device or PC, you should see shortcuts to our main menu. You'll see a 'Log In' Tab. If you're doing this on a phone, look out for a blue circle with 3 lines in the middle of it, located at the very top right of the page...

top screen PC.png

Once you've pressed 'Log In' you'll find another menu that asks you to sign up...

sign up.png

NB. If you're a returning Darling Dogs Customer, then please use the details (name, email address etc etc.) that you've previously used when booking. This might then be able to retrieve any bookings you've made with us before becoming a member.

Choose your preferred method of sign up, follow the on screen instructions and once you're finished, you'll be a member with all of the perks!

You should then be led to a menu like this one pictured below where you'll have your own profile...

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