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Our Vision...

Meet Darcy (behind) and Sefton (forefront). These are my two dogs and as lovely as they are, they don't always do what they're told. That most certainly includes returning to me when I ask them to. The small one in particular often lets her intrinsic urges take over when she is out and she is obsessed with anything that moves, whether it be a bag, a bush, a branch, a crisp packet, or, heaven forbid, an actual wild creature of some kind. Therefore, enclosed areas are somewhat of a necessity for me as a dog owner, especially if I want to let them off the lead so that they can do what they love best... run around like MAD! 

So, welcome to our website! We are dog lovers/owners with an exciting vision to provide a facility for all like minded people to train their dogs. All dogs and people for that matter, were not made equal. Some of the more biddable breeds are easier to train than others. Our training spaces are securely fenced (6 foot high) and is purpose built to allow even the most unruly and nervous dog the opportunity for 'off-lead' exercise and training. There are many different activities you can do with your dog whatever the breed. There are specialist clubs you can join if you want to consider competitions. 

But what if you just want to have a go? To just see if your dog enjoys agility for example. The purpose of our training spaces is to give you the opportunity to try many activities at the same venue. We provide the equipment for you to use so go ahead and enjoy yourself!

darcy and sefton.jpg

Many of you may already be attending obedience classes or gun dog training and are looking to find a suitable and private space to put your newly found knowledge to the test. To practise your skills without any other canine distractions. Our field is the ideal venue. We have built-in distractions with a dog-proof goat herd close by!

If you have been lucky enough to rescue a dog, you may be unsure if he/she will return once you have let them off the lead. Our fenced enclosure will keep them safe and prevent them from running off chasing squirrels and/or anything else that might tickle their fancy until you have taught them to come back to you on your command. 

In extreme cases, dogs and their owners may have been traumatized by attacks from other dogs. By using our secure paddock, you can rest assured in the knowledge that no other person or dog is going to harm you and your pet. For the period of your hire, usually 1 hour, you will have sole use of the facility. You can lock yourself in and no one else will enter.


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