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Our Activity  Parks

1. Our Activity Paddock

The Secure training Activity Paddock- The training paddock is securely fenced and gated to contain everyone from a Chihuahua to a Great Dane and everything in between. It is big enough for dogs to run free but not too big that you ever lose sight of your pet. It is ideal for training purposes where you can respond to your dog wherever and whatever he/she is doing. Gently sloping, it is perfectly drained and mown regularly to keep the grass in tip-top condition.

Equipment to use in the Paddock- We provide a variety of equipment for you to use free of charge to enhance your experience at our Activity Paddock. We have adjustable hurdles so the little dogs can join in with trying their paws at agility. We also have some weave poles and tunnels. We have dog walkways and an 'A' frame to keep everyone amused!    

sefton on walk.png

2. Our Parkour Arena

Our Parkour Arena- The Parkour Arena was created in 2021 and aims to provide users with an incredibly unique experience and insight into the growing activity of Doggy Parkour (or 'Barkour' if you will). With over £5000 worth of equipment (made from 100% recycled materials), the Parkour Arena is perfect for those looking to stimulate their dogs intellectually as well as physically. The aim here is to traverse obstacles at a safe speed in order to boost confidence and test your dogs in ways they've never been pushed before.


The Equipment to use - As you can see from the picture below, we have a number of dog walkways, wobbling bridges, table-tops, hoops for 'hoopers', jumps, log obstacles and tunnels. Once you've made a booking with us, all of this equipment will be yours to use during your session.  

sefton parkour.jpg

We must stress that the dog agility equipment is purely built for dogs and is not suitable for children and/or adults. Use at your own risk.

Toilets- Relief is at hand as we have toilets on site. 

CCTV- Security is addressed with CCTV surveying the site. This would allow you to leave the venue and take one of the mapped walks of the local area secure in the knowledge that your car would be safe. 

Human and Canine first aid supplies- Accidents sometimes happen so a fully stocked First Aid Kit will be located in the field shelters (white tents) in both enclosures. 

Drinking water and splash pool for dogs- We will provide dog drinking bowls and water which may need rinsing out between users. Please try and keep this clean for the next person. During hot spells, we will put a splash pool in the paddock for the dogs to cool off in. 

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