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So you've made a booking. What next? Well, we've compiled some simple instructions that we'd appreciate everyone following when they take a visit to Darling Dogs of May, so that you can all get as much out of your visit as possible, whilst keeping everyone safe. I would like to say at this early stage that the garden centre The Darling Buds Of May, has free range chickens and children! It is imperative that there are no dogs off lead in any of the public areas at any time. NO EXCEPTIONS. The activity parks are the only places where dogs can run free.

Parking for 'The Paddock'-

As you pull into the site, you'll see the gate for the Paddock Entrance in front of you but don't worry if there is not enough space here. There is more parking if you carry on round to the left. You'll drive past a large green steel barn on your right and then you'll see a wide hard-standing car park. Feel free to grab a spot here. Once your booking is finished, please move your vehicle so that the next user can move into the parking slot reserved for the Paddock.

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Parking for 'The Parkour Arena'-

If you have made a booking for our Parkour Arena, you may park beside the entrance. Leaving promptly after your visit will allow the following user to access the space you have just vacated.

Please do not park in front of any gates.


Once you've parked up, you should see where the toilets are if you take a look at the large green steel barn that you've just driven past. Visitors are more than welcome to use the loos. 

Entering the Paddock or Parkour Arena-

Before entering the paddock or parkour arena, please ensure that the previous customer has had the chance to exit safely and return their dogs to their cars. Some people may have brought nervous or reactive dogs so please allow them the time and space that they might need. We suggest getting ready to vacate 5 minutes before your time is up to allow for the change over.

In the event you are late to arrive for your booking you must still vacate the paddock at the designated time.

Once you have entered the paddock or parkour arena you will notice there is a chain to link to the gate fastener to allow you to lock yourself in. This will give you the added peace of mind that you will not be disturbed. If you ever arrive at the field and the gate is fastened from the inside you must assume the field is occupied and make no attempt to enter until the person in there has vacated. It is our suggestion that before you release your dog  you check the area is safe for you to use. We ask that everyone replaces any equipment they have used but to be on the safe side, check yourself. 

Using the equipment provided- 

Please feel free to use as much of our equipment as you like. This is why we provide it and this is what  sets us above our competitors. All we ask is that you treat it carefully and please leave it tidy for the next user. Not everyone is going to want the agility equipment left out. This could get in the way of dogs having a good blitz round. Please bear this in mind and leave yourself time to tidy up when you have finished using it. Please leave us a message if anything gets broken or damaged. We do not want any people or animals harmed because of faulty equipment. If you bring any toys yourself, particularly small balls, be sure to pick them up and take them away with you. Large dogs can choke on small toys. 

We must stress that the dog agility equipment is solely for the use of dogs. Children and/or adults are NOT permitted to climb on or use it. All equipment in either activity park is used entirely at your own risk.

Double Bookings

In the unlikely event of two customers turning up at the same play space at the same time, please firstly check your confirmation emails. Make sure you have the correct day, time and activity park (Parkour Arena or Paddock). Please contact me using the mobile number below for further assistance.

Exiting the Activity Parks- 

Before you leave, please make sure that you have cleaned up after your dog. You must also fill in any holes that your dog may have dug during your visit. A soil bucket is located in the shelter. Poo bins are located in strategic positions around the activity parks. 

Once you leave, the gate must be securely fixed shut behind you. 

Many thanks in advance and we hope you enjoy your visit!