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The Paddock

Matching Goldens

Access to the paddock is from the tarmac parking area. The gates are 6 feet high, the same height as the fence and are lockable from the inside to prevent another person or dog from entering during your hire period. On arrival at the paddock you should keep your dog in the car until you have established that the paddock is vacant and ready for you. Please do not get your dog out of the car until the previous user has put their dog away. Please ensure you keep your dog on a lead at all times in the public areas. No exceptions. The venue is open to the public as a garden centre and there could be families with young children wandering around by the coffee shop and the plants. Once secure in the field with the gate locked behind you, your dog may be

released. The secure paddock is big enough for your dog to have a good gallop round but not so vast that you lose sight of him. It is about 70x 60 mtrs. There will be toys, training aids and agility equipment for you to use. Please tidy up after you so the field is ready for the next customer. Allow 5 minutes for the change over period so please vacate the field in plenty of time. There is a shelter for those rainy days which will double as storage. You may also place notices on the message board which will be placed in side. The shelter can also come in handy for anyone wishing to practise their out of sight stays!! We are lucky to have a resident dog proof goat herd in an adjoining enclosure, very useful for teaching dogs about “livestock manners” If like me you have attended training classes and then struggled to find a suitable secure area to put into practise what your trainers have taught you, then our paddock could be the answer. This is so much more than just a space to let your dog off the lead. You can meet up with your friends and fellow training associates and brainstorm ideas. Share your successes and your problems and round it all off with a hot drink and a snack in the coffee shop (when it opens in the end of May 2019). 

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